& i would sing you a song of devotion

(that's what i should do.)

she's upfront upshot upstart up in every case
some things about me:
i live for grand gestures. i have been known to cry at commercials for long-distance telephone services. i have a plant named henry who grows better now that i’m reading slam poetry or singing showtunes to him every night. i believe in hope as a form of action, on its own. i am an awful packrat. i live for slashy moments on family channels & in real life. i write love notes to strangers & occasionally even deliver them. implications aside, my cat is seriously my best friend. i am thrilled by arguments, but get physically sick when i’m at odds with someone i love for longer than five minutes. i make tracklists for mix cds when i’m supposed to be taking notes in class. if i’m in the shower & i’m alone, then i am singing (laryngitis be damned). i am fascinated by cult indoctrination. i am passionate about other people’s passions. it is nearly impossible for me to sleep with anyone else, but i hate waking up alone. i always read my love interest’s horoscope before my own. i have a taste for atrociously bad culture, like 7th Heaven. i think that anything is worth experiencing, so long as it makes for a good story later on. i regress to childhood and build forts when i'm stressed & need to escape. i talk with my hands & smile with my eyes & tap my foot to music only i can hear. i miss howard dean. i wish on stars & triple-digit times & pink cars & necklace clasps & anything within eyesight, sometimes.

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[ many, many thanks to raelala for making the brian/justin moodtheme & making my heart go pitter-patter. ]